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Keepsake Images offers complete PreK-12 system-wide school photography and group solutions tailored to meet your district's individual needs.  Fall yearbook photographs, spring green screen, sports teams, proms and events, high school seniors, and graduations only scratch the surface of what Keepsake offers.  When signing with Keepsake, you are offered many administrative items at no charge--photo stickers for cumulative folders and rosters, banners for your team or school, calendars for your staff, complimentary packages for faculty children,  Complimentary packages vouchers for deserving children, ID Cards, Team or School Composites--just to name a few.  We also offer industry-leading event photography allotments--we don't just take pictures on "picture day."

School and team commissions of up to 50% are available, making a contract with Keepsake an undeniably beneficial value to your organization's fundraising for the year.

Keepsake Images promises three areas of improvement over your current national or local providers:


Our prices are tailored to meet the specific school district, church, or team demographics.  We offer many of our clients a base photograph package of merely $10.00, allowing for most parents/guardians to afford school photographs.  Ask Lifetouch, Strawbridge, or Candid Color if they're willing to create a package this inexpensive, offering the same number of prints we do. Keepsake strives to create packages that not only have great prices, but also offer a substantial value for the parent/guardian investment.  We also itemize your commission payment down to the package. NO OTHER volume providers do this.  We want full transparency on how we arrive at your fundraising goals.



Keepsake begins by employing only trained, credentialed, professional photographers to create your images.  The simple fact that our photographers are career professionals and not part-time photography enthusiasts ensures that we create properly posed, masterfully lit photographs that last a lifetime.  We partner with the largest school, sports, and volume photography lab in the nation which allows for rapid turnaround on the highest quality prints and products for your families.  Most orders return to your school or organization in less than 10 days, alphabetized, grouped by team or grade, and labeled for easy distribution.



When your parents call to make an additional order or ask a question, they are met with the voice of a human being, not a maze of menu options.  Most often they will reach their photographer directly, making the process far easier than any of our competitors.  We maintain our school, sports, and organization photographs indefinitely--for 18 months with no retrieval cost--which gives many opportunities for reorders.  None of the national chains offer this.