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B. Reckert, White Stone VA

Within this industry, Mr. Lawson’s complete mastery and application of a variety of advanced, technical visual skill sets is both admirable and enviable. His precise light control, artful compositions, intuitive comprehension of Photoshop techniques, remarkable printing detail and exhaustive equipment inventory humble me as I reflect on an older style of film photography. The Highlander Studio is a complete photographic service company observably adept at portraiture, commercial wedding, architectural, landscape and fine art photography; however broader studio capabilities, that create a more complete company, include masterful retouching and restoration, scanning, printing, framing, archiving, teaching and consulting services. Charles R. Lawson is an award winning multi-certified professional with a notable litany of professional affiliations to his credit. Above all Mr. Lawson persistently strives to better his abilities through ongoing learning opportunities and regular participation in every professional photographic organization and society to which he belongs. He has my faithful admiration and respect. I hope you will trust him with your photographic requirements without hesitation.

J. Franks, Fredericksburg, VA

The proofs were incredible, the prints must be outstanding. Stop by the studio and sign up for YOUR photos now!